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2013 Early Registration Qualifiers:

NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRESTLE IN A QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT IN ORDER TO WRESTLE IN THE SUPER 32. These tournaments are a way to earn a chance to register early for the Super 32 tournament.

Registration information for these tournaments will be posted later this summer


General Information regarding Early Entry Qualifying Tournaments

  • All questions regarding registration and any other information specific to a particular tournament should be directed to the tournament director of that site (see "Information" links above)
  • Top 4 placers in each tournament (High School division only) qualify for EARLY ENTRY into the Super 32. Here's how it will work:
    • You will be able to register online following your qualifying tournament. There will be a specific online entry form designated for qualifiers, you must use this form!!
    • Early Registration will run through midnight on Saturday, Sept 14.
    • You must register during this time window or you will lose your preferred status and will have to wait until regular registration opens
    • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: these tournaments qualify you for early registration. They do not guarantee your entry into the tournament. If you do not take advantage of the early registration opportunity, you will have to wait and register during regular registration, and you might miss the entry cutoff
  • These qualifying tournaments are for early entry. It is not required to wrestle in a qualifying tournament in order to wrestle in the Super 32
  • You are not required to wrestle the same weight class in the Super 32 that you wrestle in the qualifying tournament
  • The entry fee for the qualifying tournaments is $25. Some tournaments will have an additional fee for late registration, walk-ins, online registration, etc. These additional fees are at the discretion of the tournament director
  • You may wrestle in more than one qualifying tournament
  • If you are already qualified for early entry into the Super 32 based on other criteria (Super 32 placer, Top 3 in Varsity High School State Championships, Fargo All-American, etc) you may still compete in the qualifying tournament. If someone who is already qualified places in the top 4, there will be no additional wrestlers to qualify (ie, if a state champion places 1st in the qualifying tournament, this does not mean that the wrestler who places 5th qualifies)
  • As with the Super 32, no membership card is required to wrestle in the qualifying tournaments
  • The qualifying tournaments will use the official high school weight classes. There will be a 3 lbs allowance in the qualifying tournaments but NO allowance in the actual Super 32 Challenge.

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